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Ask your doctor to see if we can help you with your home health (medical) needs. For home care (non-medical) services, call us directly. We accept different types of insurance and are Medicaid- and Medicare-certified.

How do I select a home health agency?

Here’s a basic checklist of questions to ask:

✓ Is the agency licensed or accredited?
✓ Does the agency screen its caregivers by conducting criminal background checks?
✓ Does the agency formally evaluate competency and job skills of its employees?
✓ Have their employees passed their health screenings?
✓ Does the agency support regular, ongoing training for employees?
✓ Is the nursing staff bonded or insured?
✓ Does the agency meet the requirements of a Medicare-certified agency by developing written care plans for each client and monitoring compliance?

How can I start receiving services?

Call Kokua Nurses today and find out how we can start serving you or your family member. It starts with an assessment and developing a care plan just for you.

Can I just call Kokua Nurses when a family caregiver needs respite?

Yes, we know that family caregiving can become overwhelming. Kokua Nurses can offer respite care for you so that you can be refreshed and rejuvinated to continue caring for a family member.

Do I need to commit to using Kokua Nurses for a certain number of hours every week or a specific length of time?

You can use Kokua Nurses, from a minimum of 2 hours per visit to care around the clock.

Do I need a doctor’s order to receive care at home?

Yes, you need a doctor’s order to receive home health—medical services that require a nurse or nursing assistant. However, for domestic services (home care), you do not need a doctor’s order.

What type of services can I receive?

Kokua Nurses offers both non-medical (domestic) services and nursing. You can receive a range of domestic services from Kokua Nurses that includes help with household chores, companionship, meal preparation, transportation to your doctor’s appointments, and other tasks to make your life easier. We also offer nursing services to monitor and care for your health condition.

How much does home care services cost in comparison to nursing homes, assisted living centers or care homes?

Typically, home health care services cost much less than nursing homes, assisted living centers or care homes.